Mahogany & Maple Chess Set

This item is personally signed by Micky and Georgia, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity


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The solid Mahogany and Maple Chess Set is by far one of our favorite pieces to build.

Each piece is designed and cut by hand in our home workshop. The bottom of each chess piece is lined with felt, and protective pads are added to the base of the board, which is made from solid mahogany and maple, finished with a protective varnish.

The solid red oak box, which houses these unique chess pieces, is also carefully handmade, even down to the decorative maple handle. The box is made using 45 degree joints and includes a felted interior and branded front, making this item a unique piece of art that we hope you treasure for generations to come.

Shipping & Handling - $50 (USA only)

Please allow approximately 8 week for shipping.

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