Solid Oak & Horseshoe Serving Tray

This item is personally signed by Micky and includes a Certificate of Authenticity


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Our carefully handcrafted solid oak serving tray features two upcycled horseshoes from our local equestrian center.

Our family has been riding horses for many years, so we wanted to celebrate our love for these majestic creatures in one of our pieces. As some of you may know, it's bad luck to hang horseshoes upside-down, so we designed the handles to sit at an angle, allowing you to carry the tray AND keep all of your luck safely inside! Each piece is finished with Butcher Block Oil and fire branded with our logo, as well as personally signed under the base.

Shipping & Handling - $40 (USA orders only)

Please allow approximately 8 week for shipping.

Size (Approx)

Height 2"

Width 20"

Depth 11"

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